How can the US Federal Gov. protect Arizona’s inland border and Florida’s maritime borders or ports of entry?


JosiahUriah asked:

Most of the illegal immigrants and illegal drugs are entering through Arizona’s border and southern Florida’s ports of entry; What can US Home Land Security do about it, if enforcing our current laws in not working?

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  5. How can the US protect the inland border of Arizona and the maritime borders and ports of entry of Florida? JosiahUriah asked: Most of the illegal immigrants and illegal drugs...


Ice 'em

Bring our men and women home from the “war” and post them there. There are plenty of people that would volunteer to be there to stop the illegal moochers as well lol!

Ida Slapter

They aren’t working cause they’re not enforcing them. The feds want them here.


Open a Naval base in the Florida Keys, Open a Marine base on the Arizona Border and an Army Base on the Texas border. Let them Run military drills along the border, anyone seen entering military property is captured and jailed. Let the airforce open a base as well and fly predator drones to practice and nab illegals as well.


The most effective way to do it is by electing someone like Ike Eisenhower who was not afraid of the Nazis nor the millions of illegals he deported in the 50s. He would be a great leader who knows what to do and how to do it. Mr. Obombo is a joke who know nothing but how to get around the laws. We need someone who respects the laws of the land not a slick talker.


If gays/communists illegals, & n/i/ggas in Miami are deported, only the Jews will remind living in Miami!
just imagine!!!

about Arizona… Joe Arpaio is a drug smuggler and a corrupt who has been investigated by the FBI since 80 years ago and nothing happen

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